Pala, which operates “Pallas Square,” Korea’s largest irreplaceable token (hereinafter referred to as NFT), will open the Ethereum NFT market on December 6, which is today, and start to expand the multi-chain NFT ecosystem in earnest. Pala is a joint venture company created by artificial intelligence company Alchera and Snow, a subsidiary of Snow.

The Palas Square Ethereum NFT Market, which will be unveiled today, will selectively enter NFT projects without scams (scam) focusing on domestic Ethereum NFT projects, and will link and expand them such as content curation and Korean search.
In addition, gas costs are incurred only when initial contract approval and actual NFT transactions occur, and gas fees essential on the blockchain can be saved. In addition, it supports a healthy NFT community by allowing creators as well as users who actually trade NFT to directly recommend the desired project entry through the official website.

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