After Coinone, a digital asset (blockchain-based virtual asset, virtual currency, and cryptocurrency) exchange, joined hands with Kakao Bank, the number of new subscribers increased by 177% in a week.

Coinone unveiled the first week of Kakao Bank’s won deposit and withdrawal service, which opened on the 29th of last month, on the 6th. Coinone is conducting aggressive marketing activities after a two-week pre-registration period before the official opening.

First of all, Coinone’s existing customer base recorded more than 70% of the bank conversion rate. During the pre-registration period operated from the 15th to the 28th of last month, the proportion of customers who registered Kakao Bank accounts reached 70.38 percent based on existing bank account registration customers. Considering that the pre-registration period was operated for two weeks, it can be seen that existing customers moved quickly to Kakao Bank.

In addition, since the official opening of Kakao Bank’s won deposit and withdrawal service on the 29th, the average number of new subscribers has increased by 177.48% from the pre-registration period. Looking at the age distribution of new subscribers during the period, ▲ in their 20s (33.53%), ▲ in their 30s (26.26%), and ▲ in their 40s (25.39%), the ratio was similar to that of Kakao Bank’s major customers. Among them, 70.9%, indicating that the recent influx of Coinone is centered on men.

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