Neopin has signed a business agreement with Post Voyager, a blockchain subsidiary affiliated with Japan’s Kokone Group.

Post Voyager is operating P2E games “Meta Ribley” and “Claw Kiss,” “Jang Ken” and “Mui Wallet,” and NFT Market Place “Jellymi” using character coordinating play (CCP) through its own blockchain network “MOOI.”

Through this agreement, Neopin plans to join hands with Post Voyager to dominate the Japanese market. It will be able to provide a leading approach to the Japanese market, which can serve as a globalization forward base, and provide opportunities for existing Neofin partners to enter the Japanese market.

In the future, it plans to expand the ecosystem by conducting on-boarding by linking Cocone Group’s game IP to Neofin’s wallet. The two companies are planning to launch DiFi products between Neopin and Mui, as well as to support technology and commercialize digital assets to establish an ecosystem of mutual platforms. Post Voyager also plans to switch Web2 users to Web3 with its partners and further expand global market development through various collaborations.

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