Kakao Brain announced on the 1st that it has unveiled its own 1.0 model of artificial intelligence (AI) artist “Karlo” on GitHub, the world’s largest open-source community.

Calo is a solution that makes high-definition images within seconds based on the input keyword. It is said that Kakao Brain developed and produced an AI model for creating a super large image.

Based on the context understood by learning 120 million text-image datasets, unique images can be created in various styles and styles.

Kakao Brain plans to increase accessibility by unveiling the “Kalo” model with improved quality and functions in the form of an open API (application program interface) early next year.

It will also continue to learn additional text-image datasets, and add “image painting” that naturally removes or edits unnecessary parts from images, and “image out painting” that expands images by imagining light, shadow, and surrounding objects.

Kakao Brain CEO Kim Il-doo said, “We will help accelerate the development of the AI ecosystem by unveiling world-class AI models as open source.”

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