The cumulative transaction amount of IMPORT, a company specializing in Payment Tech, exceeded KRW 10 trillion won in 2022.

The Iimport payment service, which was officially launched in 2015, recorded 10.395 trillion won in cumulative transactions through about 2,300 affiliates as of September this year. It has more than tripled in just two years since the cumulative transaction amount surpassed KRW 3 trillion in September 2020.

IMPORT is a service that quickly links various online payment functions such as credit card, simple payment, real-time account transfer, virtual account, and mobile phone small payment with one line of code (computer program design). Corporate customers can easily link payment agency (PG) companies to their sites and add payment functions. The development period, which usually takes about a month, is shortened to within an hour regardless of the development environment.

IMPORT’s remarkable growth naturally accelerated due to increased demand from the local startup industry for efficient payment services and increased needs for multi-PG. Currently, leading companies such as L’Oreal, Lightning Market, Millie’s study, and Fitpet are implementing online payment services through IMPORT.

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