Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) has recruited Ozzys (CEO Choi Jin-han), a blockchain technology company, as a Node Council Partner of Wemix 3.0 (WEMIX 3.0) Mainnet.

Ojis chose the unique number 8 (WONDER 8).

Ojis is a full-stack blockchain technology company that has been studying the scalability and interoperability of blockchain technology since 2018 under the vision of “connecting people to the Web3 ecosystem.”

Ojis has developed various global web3-based services such as mainnet, node operation, depi, crosschain, and block explorer based on its solid technology.

Ojis is constantly working on product advancement and development of new services to lead the popularization of Web3. It has successfully demonstrated the synergy effect of multi-chain expansion combined with Orbit Bridge by releasing a new AMM-DEX mesh swap at Polygon this year.

In addition, recently, it has been working closely with the TON Foundation with the goal of web3 onboarding 700 million Telegram users.

Ojis will be a major decision maker for WeMix 3.0 in the future. At the same time, based on global technology and know-how, it will contribute to the expansion and development of the WeMix 3.0 ecosystem and further accelerate the popularization of Web3.

Meanwhile, proven blockchain companies such as Block Daemon, All Nose, DSRV, CrossAngle, and others are joining WeMix 3.0’s 40 WONDERS.

Choi Jin-han, CEO of Ojis, said, “As a node council partner, we want to contribute to the revitalization of the WeMix ecosystem by verifying that we can achieve development in line with the original values of the blockchain, such as trust and transparency.”

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