Artificial intelligence (AI) was selected as the number one technology to change the future of Korea.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office announced on the 18th that it will change the Republic of Korea tomorrow by the people on the occasion of the 57th Invention Day.

The vote was received through social media and policy mail from the Patent Office on September 9-15.

A total of 768 people participated and 2,213 effective responses were obtained.

Display Robot Future Car Bio Semiconductor Battery Cyber ​​Security Hydrogen Supercomputer and other next-generation invention technologies were selected in a way that selected three.

The vote showed artificial intelligence technology topped the list.

Second place is robot,

The future car took third place

Hydrogen and energy were selected in the fourth and fifth places respectively.

Biospace and aviation new material battery semiconductor technology also ranked in the top 10.

The first-ranked artificial intelligence technology accounted for 15.1% of the total effective responses.

The number of patent applications in the field of artificial intelligence technology in Korea is the fourth highest in the world

It is a technology field that the new government has decided to foster as a future strategic industry in order to secure a super-gap with technologies such as semiconductors and batteries.

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