FTX, which applied for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. court, is reportedly preparing to sell or reorganize some of its businesses. To this end, FTX designated Perella Weinberg Partners LP as its representative investment bank with court approval.

According to local media on the 19th (local time), FTX began reviewing global assets in a document submitted to the court in the state of Delaware. Of the 100 subsidiaries, FTX EU has a total of $49.4 million (about 66.3 billion won) in cash. Another subsidiary, West Ramshire Service, held $48.1 million (about 64.6 billion won) and FTX Ventures held about $800,000 (about 1 billion won) in cash available.

FTX said it calculated the cash held by these subsidiaries based on verifiable books. However, he added that more than half of the subsidiary bank accounts have not yet been confirmed.

FTX explained that other accounts may exist considering that its subsidiaries have not managed cash properly and have not kept related documents properly.

In a related development, FTX’s new CEO John J. Ray III said, “After reviewing it over the past week, we found that several subsidiaries inside and outside the U.S. have franchises that are capable of paying and valuable on their balance sheets.” CEO Ray emphasized, “We ordered the preservation of the value of assets such as franchises as much as possible.

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