The Korea Digital Exchange, the operator of the virtual asset exchange Flybit, announced on the 22nd that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with blockchain fintech company E-Rak to expand technology cooperation and services.

A-Rak is a company that develops and operates blockchain-based platforms with Samsung SDS and domestic and foreign financial companies. Through this technology partnership, the two companies are trying to improve technologies related to the development of electronic wallets and irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) and to upgrade blockchain and compensation systems.

Flybit-A-Rac partnership
E-Lock is expanding E-Lock’s electronic wallet service in cooperation with fintech operators. Compensation services are provided through electronic wallet-based “E-Rak Wallet” and are expanding the service area to various fields such as finance, transportation, games, education, etc.

A Flybit official said, “We will try to upgrade our services and cooperate in building a blockchain ecosystem through technical cooperation with E-Rak and NFT systems,” adding, “We will focus on providing various service experiences based on technical strengths.”

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