Crypto Dotcom, a virtual asset platform, announced on the 21st that it has signed partnerships with seven companies, including “Like a Fashionable Lion,” to promote NFT projects and cooperate with blockchain businesses. Crypto Dotcom will introduce products and services of these companies by issuing NFTs of its partners on its NFT marketplace.

The partnership targets are Like Lion, the operator of the NFT trading card game ‘Thread’, Treasure Labs, and NFT Project Clay.2E, and NFT Project ClayEase, augmented reality (AR) lifestyle reward app “Max Up,” fitness reward app “Sneakers,” Twitch-based Watch and Eon (W&E) project Lopi, and NFT comprehensive solution company Korean NFT.

Crypto-dotcom will cooperate with domestic and foreign companies in various fields such as games, fitness, and NFT solutions, and will promote the expansion of the Crypto-dotcom web3 ecosystem.

In particular, it will issue NFT projects using the excellent IP of each company so that collectors and fans can easily purchase and trade the NFT.

Patrick Yoon, president of Crypto Dotcom Korea, said, “Through this partnership, we want to promote various blockchain-related projects such as NFT issuance with various domestic and foreign companies,” and added, “Crypto Dotcom plans to continue to cooperate with excellent companies and expand the Crypto Dotcom Web3 ecosystem.”

Crypto Dotcom completed registration of virtual asset operators and electronic financial transactions in August and signed business agreements with K-pop irreplaceable token (NFT) platform company Metabit, comprehensive entertainment content company Fantagio, comprehensive content studio Ace Story, and game producer ACT Games to expand cooperation.

Crypto-dotcom NFT platform is one of the largest NFT platforms in the world

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