Blockchain Labs, which develops and operates the COVID-19 vaccine pass COOV, announced on the 22nd that it has officially launched “Blockchat,” a free messenger service without a central server. Users can download BlockChat and immediately use messenger services that do not require personal information submission.

Blockchain Labs is a domestic company that has been verified for blockchain technology through “COOV,” an electronic vaccination certification system used by 43 million people. BlockChat, which will be launched this time, is a next-generation messenger service that creates unique blockchain IDs on individual devices based on Blockchain Labs’ patented “public blockchain technology without virtual currency” and directly connects the conversation parties.

While existing messengers use a central server that stores personal information and conversations, BlockChat uses decentralized blockchain technology. Messages are stored only on individual devices, not on the central server. In addition, there is no need for any personal information, so there is no separate membership or login process. Through this, it is possible to escape indiscriminate contact synchronization and fully regain ownership of personal information of messenger users used for unwanted advertisements.

BlockChat has strengthened privacy protection by installing functions such as changing the message alignment method and color conversion. In addition, all messages on your device can be modified, preventing malicious use through capture or filming. Services such as group conversation and file transfer will be added within this year, and voice call functions that support voice filtering technology will be provided early next year.

Park Jong-hoon, co-CEO of Blockchain Labs, said, “The fundamental purpose of various functions provided by Blockchat is to protect individual information. Conversations on messengers are also personal information and should be protected under their own management, he said. “The ultimate purpose of the message modification function is not the modification itself, but the protection of personal information that the function can have.”

Lim Byung-wan, co-chairman of BlockChat, also said, “The core of BlockChat is securing personal data sovereignty,” adding, “More and more people are interested in personal information sovereignty, and BlockChat will play a role in joining more people in this social movement.”

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