Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) announced on the 29th that the blockchain game platform “WEMIX PLAY” has secured the competitiveness of the blockchain game platform service with its solid own blockchain ecosystem.

WeMix Play, which launched its official service in July, aims to be an open blockchain game platform, which allows Play & Earn to reinvest the assets earned from the game into the game. Users can purchase game-related items with cryptocurrency on Wemix Play or trade NFT (non-replaceable token).

The company explained that there are a total of 21 games onboard WeMix Play, which is about four times the average number of P&E games onboard at home and abroad. It is providing various genres of games ranging from MMORPG to casual and FPS, including the monumental game “Mir 4,” which opened the door to the global P&E game market, SNG “Everyfarm,” and the strategy simulation game “Rise of Stars.”

This month, “Honor of Heirs” was officially released, and the goal is to continue to introduce P&E games such as the “Anipang” series, led by “Mir M,” which will lead the intergame economy, and to onboard 100 games by the first quarter of next year.

In addition, Wemade has built a high-level P&E game platform based on operational transparency, reflecting the price and fluctuation of tokens by game in real time as well as the number of simultaneous users of on-board games.

In addition, users of the game can use the services of the WeMix ecosystem from the start of the game through WeMix Coin. All services of WeMix form an ecosystem, which features a virtuous cycle structure in which the value of the ecosystem can lead back to game play.

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