While startups are having difficulty attracting investment due to the economic downturn, robot companies for serving, food and beverage, and convenience are screaming happily as they have succeeded in attracting investment one after another this year. As the existing industrial manufacturing robot-oriented market expands to service robots, money is being focused on future values.

According to a survey conducted by the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency on the 29th, the global service robot market in 2020 is 11.1 billion dollars (14.7 trillion won), growing at an average annual growth rate of 10%. During the same period, the domestic service robot market is worth 860 billion won.

Related industries predict that the market size will grow rapidly as the number of serving robots will exceed 5,000 this year and the commercialization of indoor self-driving delivery robots and food and beverage manufacturing robots will also occur.

Bear Robotics ‘Servi’
This year, the most investment in the robot industry is in the autonomous delivery sector. Bear Robotics, an autonomous delivery robot company in the first half of the year, attracted 100 billion won worth of Series B investment. Bear Robotics said, “At the time of attracting investment, we expanded our lineup by releasing quarantine robots following serving robots,” adding, “We succeeded in attracting investment in recognition of our value as an autonomous robot platform company, not just a serving robot company.”

Based on attracting investment, Bear Robotics focused on product development, production advancement, and human resource input. Recently, an indoor autonomous driving robot capable of moving between elevator floors was released and demonstrated at universities and apartments in Incheon. Bear Robotics is producing research and development in Silicon Valley in the U.S. and mass-producing products in Korea. A company official explained that it has also strengthened its competitiveness in manufacturing facilities by attracting 100 billion won in investment.

In addition, Newnility, an outdoor autonomous delivery robot company, received 23 billion won in investment.

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