Business People has launched “Beople,” an all-in-one profile link that introduced mentoring functions.

Beaple’s all-in-one profile link allows users to register links on all SNSs and various sites on one page, providing a glimpse of various activities with only one profile link. It also has a mentoring function, which allows followers to easily ask questions and solve their problems to LAN mentors they want.

In Beaple, you can ask one-on-one questions to your online mentor and get answers. Mentors can pass on their experiences or know-how and share their experiences, and followers will be able to get advice and solutions to their concerns from the LAN mentor they want.

Under the slogan that anyone can become an online mentor if they can share their experiences, Bepple is being well received by YouTubers, influencers, and instructors by designing mentors to pass on know-how to followers and subscribers. If you become a mentor of Biffle, you can go further from doing online mentoring, secure genuine fans, subscribers, and followers, and continue to promote your activities.

Shim Dong-kyu, CEO of Business People, said, “Many people use YouTubers or SNS influencers as online mentors and gain their know-how or experience by accessing lectures, videos, and writings.” “Based on this, Beaple’s business, which provides integrated solutions such as LAN mentoring and all-in-one profile links, will continue to grow.”

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