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TokenSuite is an all-encompassing global digital marketing agency primarily focused on blockchain-based startups and projects. TokenSuite’s team offers a comprehensive blockchain marketing solution, allowing you to focus on core business. We manage your marketing campaigns from bottom to top. Any concept takes a while to become a reality, and most teams do not have enough time and experience to handle PR campaigns, push press releases, create a community, and efficiently manage multiple social accounts. TokenSuite takes all that off your plate, whether you need media blasts, video marketing, ICO listings, community management, paid advertisements, social media broadcasts, bounty program management and even web design.

The suite of TokenSuite services includes:

  • Press coverage - your project will be featured on major crypto news publications, including Cryptovest.
  • YouTube coverage - selected Youtubers will provide video reviews of your project in six languages.
  • ICO listings - your project will land on all major ICO listings, including Top 20 ICO listing websites, where TokenSuite is a preferred partner.
  • Community management - we will build and manage the community of your crypto project.
  • Bounty programs - we create bounty programs so that your project is promoted in exchange for your tokens.
  • Other Services - Airdrops via Tokendrops , Investor Relations - Representation , Website Concept , Creation Whitepaper, Exchange Listing.


End to End Digital Marketing Campaign which helped raise 20000 ETH for Galaxy eSolutions (Galaxy eSolutions) Case verified
Things had already been moving for Galaxy eSolutions, a blockchain based hybrid ecommerce ecosystem in the multi-billion pre-owned and refurbished market as they had reached a GMV of 20 Million USD in the first year of their operation.
$ 12,000,000 raised • $ 150,000 spent
Clients 67 total
Bounty Program
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Soom Coin
Bounty Program & PR & Listing Service
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Bounty Program & PR & Listing Service & Targeted Advertisement & Youtube Reviews
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Lux and Digital Bank
Bounty Program
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Bounty Program & PR & Listing Service & Targeted Advertisement & Youtube Reviews & Community Management
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Bounty Program & Airdrop
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Bounty Program & Airdrop
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Service Focus
Services & Prices
$10,000 to $60,000
Press Coverage and Media Publications
We have amassed vast network of both blockchain and technology based media outlets covering 4 different regions and over 8 different languages. You can find ready to order packages but keep in mind that we usually propose custom plans to be able to get the best result out of your budget.
$2,000 to $500,000
Youtube Reviews & Influencer Marketing
We have a wide network of mostly blockchain, cryptocurrency and technology influencers. These influencers use channels such as Youtube, Twitter and WeChat to communicate with their followers. Please let us know if you want us to propose you a custom plan with custom budget.
$2,000 to $100,000
Listing Service
Initial Coin Offering listing websites have been trending since the emerge of the industry. We are directly connected to the most known and visited listing websites all around the world. Depending on your budget, we will be getting you listed and featured on all of the top listing websites from every region. We will also guide you on how to get better ratings.
$2,500 to $4,000
Community Management
We have native community managers all around the world. We can build your community and manage it for you.
$750 to $1,500
Social Media Management
Managing a social media of a startup is not easy. Especially in blockchain space, you have to have frequent updates and make sure to keep all of your channels synced. Our professional social media managers will be taking care of the whole process for you and save you time.
$3,000 to $4,000
Airdrops are a very good way of increasing numbers and creating hype. With our automated airdrop website, TokenDrops, you will be able to both resist against the bots and make sure your airdrop is advertised well enough. To get a detailed proposal package for with stats and exact scope of work, please contact us.
Bounty Program
A bounty program is a way of utilizing part of your tokens in exchange for promotion. Cryptocurrency bounty hunters are in a way freelance digital marketers and they are ready to promote your project through content creation, social media sharing and posting, through channels like Bitcointalk forum in exchange of your tokens., one of the other subsidy brand of TokenSuite, is a fully automated bounty program platform with full transparency. To get a detailed proposal package for with stats and exact scope of work, please contact us.
$5,000 to $100,000
Targeted Banner Advertising
Our professional advertisers will select the right keywords and target audience for your needs. We will be dynamically bidding and changing our strategy depending on the trending keywords.
Video Production
Every startup needs a cool and shiny introductory video. In fact, blockchain startups do need them the most as it is way easier to describe the idea with scenes of animation than text walls.
Investor Relations
The first impression is really important when communicating with investors. Our professional team can handle the inbounds for you while our legal team can advise you on important decisions such as where to settle, how to legally accept investments. Ask for a quote
Representation & Advisory
We pitch your project to our advisory network. Depending on your budget we bring most successful advisors that can boost your presence on board. We also provide advisory as TokenSuite on your business model, tokenomics and marketing strategy. Conferences and meetups are a major part of finding private placements. We can plan you out a conference/meetup attendance plan and even represent you with exclusive booth. Ask for a quote
Website & Concept Creation & Whitepaper
We can design your website from scratch. Tokensale website is the showcase of a project. Let us make sure that the design will catch the eye and every information is provided on your landing page. We can help shape your concept, your tokenomics, integration of your idea into blockchain and business model. We can also draft / fix your whitepaper for you and get it ready to pitch to investor networks. Ask for a quote.
Exchange Listing
We have developed a wide network of exchanges. We can find you the best exchange within your budget. We will guide you through the whole process. Ask for a quote.
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