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Having spent the last couple of years in this field through trial and error, we've managed to point out several ways to deal with Digital Marketing issue that actually work specifically for your ICO. Our experience gives you solid ground to trust us to deal with Influencers, PR & Listing, social networks, content and other means of advertising. We are partnering with reliable influencers and media in more than 70 countries. 

When you choose NinjaPromo, you get:

  • Precise targeting for multilingual audience all around the world
  • Your presence on all major digital platforms, both mainstream and field-specific ones
  • Individual approach that is based on your budget and its most effective allocation
  • Our complete submission to your approval of the entire process and every bit of content

 5+ projects under NDA

Raised 12 000 000 $ (Unibright) Case verified
Through agressive marketing on social media the goals were achieved and the hardcap of $12M was reached.
$ 12,000,000 raised
Service Focus
Services & Prices
$3,000 to $750,000
Influencer Marketing
YouTube today is vital for reaching the widest audiences out there - any sphere and any industry has quite the number of
influential and engaging personalities who enlighten their followers on their favorite subjects and inspire people to get into them.
The connections established with more than 1500 YouTubers, vloggers and podcasters, whose content revolves around
cryptomarket, technology, business or adjacent fields allows for picking the most project-appropriate influencers with the highest
KPI to promote your project. Creative integration, pre-rolls or dedicated videos – the corresponding format for your goals can be
found as well.
-Full service. From influencer selection to post-analysis
-More than 1500 crypto, tech, business YouTubers in our Database
-Worldwide. We will help you reach your audience in 8 regions, 30+ countries
$3,000 to $350,000
Media & Listings
Featuring your project in prominent cryptomedia like CCN, Cointelegraph and NullTX, as well as in top outlets such as Forbes,
Bloomberg, CNN, Dow Jones and alike can dramacally increase its position in the eyes of potential investors. NinjaPromo can provide
a long list of more than 250 crypto- and fintech-related media outlets, all from different regions and in a variety of languages.
Translating and publishing your press-releases in English, German, French, Chinese, Russian and Turkish languages, as well as writing
and publishing of sponsored and featured articles - all can be provided by NinjaPromo since we are on very special terms with our
partners. Those publications reach people around the world - from the USA and Europe to the Asia, - increasing your exposure to
wider and more reliable audience.
-Worldwide coverage: 8 different regions, 50+ countries
-Up to 250 publications on crypto media, such as CCN, Coinspeaker, Coinidol
-Top business media coverage, such as The Forbes, Entrepreneur, Investing, Business Insider
-Top crypto media: The Cointelegraph,, Null TX, and more
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