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Before an token sales teams starts the public part of the project they educate themselves, and plan and create a budget. This is where I help them.

If you ask any ICO manager they all wish if they had spent more time with token sales education, token market analysis and planning.

My clients are prepared to start their token sales projects.


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Free Token Sales Crash Course
Free ICO Crash Course Webinar Video Course
Our Free ICO Crash Course Webinar is the safest way to start your education journey in the realm of ICOs. It is designed for individuals who are considering to learn more about ICOs. The three 30-min webinar videos offer a good understanding of the ICO phenomenon and helps to see your opportunities in it.
$149 to $199
Token Sales Boot Camp
Our ICO Bootcamp Webinar is designed for future ICO Managers and Teams to understand all the decision points they are facing before an ICO. During this intense day we cover all the current ICO trends from ICO platform and agency selection to legal framework issues.
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