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Transforming your business with smart solutions, blockchain & crypto.
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  • Private Blockchain Development
  • Public Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract Deployment & Security Audits
  • DApps Development
  • Application Development (Mobile, Web & Desktop)
  • Enterprise System & Application Development
  • Product Development
  • Games Development

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$35 to $75
Blockchain Development
- Blockchain & Crypto robust solution for anonymity, immutability, efficiency, and transparency.
- Open source and permissionless for simple and unique decentralized solution.
- Publicly store, validate & certify information for your business needs.
- Permissioned access system by controlled centralized approach.
- Maintain sensitive information with added efficiencies: speed, privacy & control.
$35 to $75
Smart Contracts & Security Audit
- Smart contracts reduce costs & risks.
- Total automation, decentralization, and increased transparency over the blockchain & crypto.
- There is a need to ensure the security of smart contracts, we got you covered.
- More Accuracy & Immutable to error, for faster business operations.
- Looking at the call methods, code optimizations, efficient code run and re-enforce authorizations.
$35 to $75
DApps Development
- Development of decentralized applications by bringing and incorporating blockchain and smart contracts.
- Running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network.
- Front-end code written in any programming language that makes API calls to its back-end.
- Consult you about what DApp best suits your project & vision: pure or hybrid.
- Control functionalities & API communication.
$35 to $75
Application Development (Mobile, Web, Desktop)
- Develop any application no matter how diverse or complex.
- Guaranteed strategically designed and creatively crafted solutions.
- Coding guidelines, standards & version control.
- Isolating program logic & actions from layout and design.
- We cover all aspects of your application with multi-browser compatibility: mobile, web & desktop.
- Industry specific robust, scalable & extensible business solution.
$35 to $75
Enterprise System and Application Development
- Managing Liability & Risks.
- Providing competitive advantage, by addressing critical needs.
- Maximizing Profits & Minimizing Expenses.
- Help for your business or organization: complex, scalable, component-based, distributed and mission critical development.
- Delivery of consistent group of programs with shared business applications and organizational modeling utilities.
$35 to $75
Product Development
- Help you bring a new product to the market.
- Product architecture creating: configuration, modularity, security & scalability.
- Concept and system development & testing.
- Requirements analysis to help & design end result.
- Product re-engineering and structural redesign, making it more robust.
- Assist with the continuous development, best practices and strategies.
$35 to $75
Games Development
- End to End Game Design, Development, Deployment, Support & Maintenance.
- Create games as your core business or simply don't have the capacity.
- Seamless integration of advanced gaming features & technology.
- Theme and game assets designing.
- Animation, texturizing, rendering & modeling.
- Graphic animation design & coding.
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