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Fully Hosted ICO Campaigns

There’s no need to build and host your own ICO campaigns anymore. We eliminate the need for stand-alone ICO websites, facilitating token sales for your campaigns right in our marketplace. No need to worry about websites, wallets, security and token management during your ICO!

For those who already have your own setup, we offer a co-hosted solution which enables our users to purchase your tokens directly in our marketplace, which amplifies your sales and visibility.

Investor Outreach

With 28,000 investors and token buyers in our database, 19,000 email newsletter subscribers and 12,000 receiving SMS ICO alerts, promoting every stage of your ICO to accredited investors and token buyers has never been easier.

ICO Marketing & PR Campaigns

Full- service marketing and PR services for your ICO campaigns. MarketMakers was built by digital marketing experts and our promotional products cover everything from PR releases, google news exposure, video marketing, email/SMS marketing and highly targeted paid advertising opportunities.

Pre-sales & Underwriting

We provide the perfect environment to run pre-sales campaigns, allowing you to vet your concepts, gain valuable insights and develop early traction with buyers who can follow your progress.

Our users are interested in early-access & secondary market opportunities. Listing with us creates an immediate market and a quicker path to working capital.

We also provide underwriting services for opportunities that fit our criteria.

Token Creation & Distribution

We can help you plan, create, host and distribute your tokens. We have blockchain experts on staff and partnerships with some of the leading technology providers in the space. We’ll deliver a solution meeting every business requirement you have, while ensuring the very best in security and best practices.

Advisory Services

f you’re looking to start your own token project or find help for an existing one, we have experts both internally and within our network who can help you in all aspects of your project. In many cases, we may accept early access tokens for payment which eases the financial strain most startups face early-on.


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