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July 2017


We have a growing community of cryptocurrency investors and treat them with respect.

Our media coverage and support means more than just some additional visitors to your website.

The list of our services could be:

1. A native mentioning at CryptoDetail.com educational content. This type of content provides value at first and creates level of trust, so the conversion rates will be high.

2. A set of content at CryptoDetail.com with practical advice. It could be sponsored stories, press releases, tutorials, interviews, etc.

3. A content distribution to media platforms: U.today, Cointelegraph.com, Ccn.com, Howtotoken.com, BitcoinNews.com, Coinspeaker.com, Criptonoticias.com, Zycrypto.com, TheBitcoinNews.com, Blokt.com, etc.

4. Integration with top affiliate (CPA) networks (more than 10k publishers).

5. Banner premium placement.

6. Investor outreach via reddit, telegram, bitcointalk, cryptocompare, steemit, linkedin, twitter, facebook, etc.

7. Growing your own social media accounts through guest posting and mass following.

8. SEO backlinking build-up for your website.

9. Writing a content for your own blog plus visual part.

10. Listing on 70+ crypto exchanges at prices lower than official (Binance, Huobi, OKEX, HitBTC, etc.)

11. Other help based on your needs (white paper creation, Blockchain development, HR, translation, legal advice, etc.)

Best wishes to your projects,

CryptoDetail team

Peculium Project (PCL): AI Based Savings & Investment (Peculium) Case verified
Longread review + Social media activities
$ 1,000 spent
SKYF & CargoCoin Union: Blockchain Based Robot Freight (CargoCoin) Case verified
Sponsored story
$ 1,000 spent
Service Focus
Services & Prices
from $300
Content Creation: Educational, Sponsored Story, Interview, Detailed Review, Press Release
High-quality content based on detailed analysis + Exclusive comic-styled visuals + Up to 10 articles
from $500
Social Media Boost
Investors outreach: reddit + telegram + bitcointalk + cryptocompare + steemit + twitter + facebook + other crypto forums + related discussions, etc.
from $1,000
Banner Placement
from $300
Link Building
Forum posts, guest posts, wikipedia, etc. only do-follow targeted links from high authority websites
from $500
Content Distribution to Media Sources
U.Today, Cointelegraph.com, Ccn.com, Howtotoken.com, BitcoinNews.com, Coinspeaker.com, Criptonoticias.com, Zycrypto.com, TheBitcoinNews.com, Blokt.com, etc.
from $300
Blockchain development
We have a huge network of proven specialists and we are ready to provide you leads for hiring
from $500
Legal advice
Will work on the incorporation of your company and provide legal consultation
from $200
Business models
Will research and provide strengths and weakness of your project, and if you need help with how to fix that
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Richard Silverstone
$1 000
Quality: 5.0
Scheduling: 5.0
Cost: 5.0

We ordered a review and social media support. It was made in time and all my special wishes had been taken into account.


Social engagement, brand awareness.


Social engagement indicators increased after the publication and social boost made by CryptoDetail team. Conversion rates are above average.