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Cloud-based Blockchains
The blockchain enables the creation of a decentralized, distributed storage marketplace in the cloud. You will be able to access multiple blockchains leveraging our API's, allowing you to focus on the business. Drive innovation, accelerate business and reduce risk.

- 10+ Integrated Blockchains
- Browse the blockchain.
- Deep dive into wallets, addresses and contracts.
- B2B transactions & payment forwarding.
- Intelligently disbursed across the globe.
- Securely, reliably extend business processes.
All Crypto Exchanges at Your Fingertips
Get details from over 150+ exchanges and a seamless integration. We give you access to all the most relevant data in real time, 24/7.

- Have available data for quotes, trades & order book all in one place.
- Be in control by staying up-to-date.
- Obtain OHLCV (Open, High, Low, Close, Volume) timeseries data.
- Layout driver by the purpose of modularity
ICO Data and Explorer
With so many startups taking advantage of the blockchain, it’s an exciting time to be a cryptocurrency investor. Like all start-ups, these ICO offerings vary in terms of risk. Our API can provide updated information for all ICO's, upcoming or in the past... everything is there.

- Over 4k+ ICOs.
- Details for Active ICO's.
- Details for Upcoming ICO's.
- Details for Finished ICO's.
- Top ICO Ratings & Rankings.
- Add Your ICO
Social Data Streams
With an increasing number of businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups adopting this technology, we are proud to increase awareness of the many intricacies and advantages within the crypto and blockchain world. Have you ever wondered for hours, until you can filter relevant information about the crypto world? We bet you have. At Crypto API's we have resolved this for you!

- Over 50TB of data of pre-selected sources
- Audience reports and segmentation
- Custom dashboards and content streams
- Contact record enrichment
- Get the scoop from the social media
News Data Stream
With so much time floating in the internet, who really has the time to search through every possible source? Well we at Crypto APIs make this simple and easy through our API, which return JSON metadata for headlines and articles live all over the web right now.

- 50+ news sources
- Get latest news
- Asynchronously cache for a super-fast response
- Make request directly from the front end
170 Currencies & Fiat Money
We provide reliable exchange rates & currency conversion for your business. The universal real-time exchange rate data solution.

- Real-time JSON API for 170 world currencies
- Data collected from various commercial sources & banks
- Use of passive and active market data
- Compatible with any application
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