disaster response platform

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to provide special measures for the metropolis,

It will build a state-of-the-art disaster response system combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

The Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters will integrate and manage various administrative information held by the headquarters on the 19th,

It said it will build a digital platform for disaster response that has advanced from reporting to on-site response.

In April, the headquarters passed the Fire Department’s Intelligence Information Strategy Plan, 119 Administrative Information Information Strategy Plan, and Expert Council

We have established a mid- to long-term five-year plan for information on Seoul Firefighting, which includes the establishment of a smart city safety base.

The platform is to shape this plan.

First, the headquarters will be able to collect the base data

This year, we will build the Seoul 119 Big Data Center, which manages 119 dispatches and various fire-fighting administration information.

The Center will integrate 119 reporting, dispatching, on-site information and disaster information related to the disaster information to build a big data infrastructure
It will serve as a public data provider for the National Fire Agency and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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