ChoiceMuonOff, a blockchain company, announced on the 11th that it has won the 2022 Blockchain Application Technology Award at the “3rd 2022 Blockchain Awards.”

The Blockchain Grand Prize is awarded to companies specializing in blockchain that have contributed to society through the development of blockchain technology, leading the blockchain market, and blockchain technology. The market ceremony was sponsored by Dunamu and hosted by the Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Associati

on and the Korea Blockchain Association.

ChoiceMuonoff won the grand prize for its contribution to the development of blockchain technology and industry by preventing fraudulent coins and abnormal transactions of those who lack blockchain knowledge through MU:Cops, a fake virtual asset (cryptocurrency) reading service. The Mucops service can verify the other person’s remittance address and immediately check the authenticity of the coin, preventing fraudulent damage in advance.

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